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Houston, we have a solution

Houston, we have a solution

On April 14, 1970, the crew of Apollo 13 radioed mission control with a now-famous message: “Houston - we have a problem." On Nov 12, 2023, there was a different message resonating from a mission in Houston.

The mission was Ohr Somayach’s Mentors Mission.

The message was, “Houston, we have a solution” – to the conundrum facing college students seeking to learn about Torah and Judaism. Like in other locations where Ohr Somayach impacts lives, the Houston Mentors Mission paired Jewish college students with mentors, who, in true Ohr Somayach fashion, gave students a chance to experience the exhilaration of in-depth Torah study, and authentic Jewish life.

(Continued from SPARKS newsletter)

The participants:

Forty students from colleges in Texas, under the leadership of Rabbi Moshe Trepp from Austin and Rabbi Netanel Greenwald from San Antonio.

The mentors:

Attorney Harry Rothenberg and renowned businessman Reb Zecharia Fruchthandler, longtime Ohr Somayach mentors, who flew in to interact with the students and teach from the hand selected curriculum.

Their presence showcased the epitome of living a Torah life, while being engaged with the world of law and commerce – a combination that resonated with the students strongly.

“I thought the only way to become religious was to be a rabbi,” said one participant. At Ohr Somayach’s Mentors Mission, the students discovered that they could realistically lead Torah lives while pursuing their careers.

The community:

The Jewish community of Houston is one of the most beautiful out-of-town communities in the USA. With shuls and schools, a beautiful kollel, a recently launched mesivta, and warm welcoming families, the community includes all the elements essential to Jewish life. To the college students, the community offered an eye-opening glimpse into real Jewish living.

The Program:

Shabbos seudos with song and dance.
Thought provoking classes and learning with local mentors.
Motzei Shabbos bowling, and a final poolside banquet hosted by a local family.

A fantastic Ohr Somayach weekend of Torah, inspiration and entertainment.

Mission accomplished!

Thank you to all who joined and provided a truly wonderful Houston solution.


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