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Torah meets Law School

Torah meets Law School

Columbia University Mentor Mates Program

Mr. Shimon Falik has long been connected to Mentors Mission. So it is not surprising that he passed his passion and sense of responsibility for Klal Yisroel to his children. When his son Zevi joined Columbia Law School last year, he realized that he had the ability to engage with his peers, and inspire them. He reached out to Danny Lemberg, and asked him to create a venue that would allow him to connect both his frum and uncommitted classmates.

Last Thursday, Ohr Somayach launched the Columbia Law School Mentor Mates Program. It began with a "Socialize and Lunch" at the home of Zach Hurwitz, with an inspiring discussion led by Attorney Mr. Harry Rothenberg, and ten future mentors.

The Columbia Mentor Mates Program is instituting a weekly chavrusa program, where mentors will study with college students from a carefully-designed curriculum that will provide a taste of Torah concepts in a bais medrash-style setting.

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