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ShabbatonA Jewish Business networking experience!

November, 2024

What to expect

Jumpstart your career as you network and learn together with peers, industry leaders and Fortune 500 executives from across North America.

Be a part of history by participating in the powerful and inspiring Shabbos Project, along with tens of thousands of people all over the world.

Be amazed by the tranquility as the furious pace as this high tech town slows down to celebrate and honor the Holy Shabbos.

Be wined and dined in the upscale section of Lakewood, where you will be hosted by extraordinary families.

Experience how traditional Judaism grapples with 21st century business ethics!

Enjoy the unique blend of commercial professionalism, alongside a vibrant traditional Jewish life!

Who's coming?

The program is open to men aged 19-30.
You will have the opportunity to network and learn together with three unique types of participants:

  1. MENTORS: Highly successful Jewish Industry leaders, CEO's and philanthropists
  2. MENTEES: Students and Young Professionals aged 19-30
  3. EDUCATORS: A dream team of Olami and Ohr Somayach Rabbis and Motivational speakers

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Our Educators

Feb. 15


Opening Banquet at "Seven Sons Brewing"

Hosted by Mr. David Gelbwachs - Owner of Seven Sons Brewing
Hot Buffet Sponsored by J. Wasser & Co.
Introduction to the Program: Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Greenblatt

Students check in to hosts - Refer to Email sent to you

Optional “hangout with the Rabbi’s” - Contact your Rabbi for details*

*Only after you’ve settled at your Host, made sure it’s ok to leave and arranged a way to get back in, without your host having to wait up for you.

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Feb. 16


Shachris (morning prayer service)

Bus departs to Madison Title

Madison Title Breakfast/Executive discussion groups

Hosted by Mr. Itche Rosenbaum - CEO Madison Title

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Presentation by Mr. Simcha Shain - CEO ParaFlight Aviation

Bus departs and brings group to Hatzolah Station

Pizza & Tour at Hatzolah Volunteer First Responders

"Welcome to Lakewood Township" by Deputy Mayor Menashe Miller,
VIP Tour with Hatzolah CJ Administrator Mr. Motty Twerski

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Shopping Spree

Shopping Spree at Judaica Plaza (If enough time)

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Bus Departs from Judaica Plaza to Hosts to prepare for Shabbos

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Check-in to hosts to prepare for Shabbos

Please make sure you know how to get to your various destinations before Shabbat for you will be walking and making your own way.
Feel free to reach out to your hosts to help you find your way.

Feb. 16

Friday Night

Candle Lighting

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Mincha (afternoon prayer service)

Introduction to the “Magnificence of Shabbos” Rabbi Tully Bryks
Followed by a festive Kabbalas Shabbos service
Followed by Maariv (evening prayer services)



Friday evening meal at "Super Hosts"

Refer to signs in shul for host info

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Oneg Shabbos Tisch

Hosted by Dr. and Mrs. Ari Krug
with Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Greenblatt and Rabbi Tully Bryks
Enjoy singing, story-telling, delicious food and inspiring discussions

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Feb. 17


Shachris (morning prayer service)

Prayer Workshop given by Rabbi Tully Bryks

Kiddush (refreshments)

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Learning Session #1

Depart to hosts for Shabbos day meal

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Meet the Ohr Somayach Rabbis

Rabbi Yitzchok Becker and Rabbi Tully Bryks

Personal Story

Mr. Sammy Simnegar - Portfolio Manager Fidelity Investments Magellan Fund

Mincha (afternoon prayer service)

Followed by Festive Third Meal
with HaRav Simcha Bunim Cohen - Rav of Ateres Yeshaya
Followed by Maariv (evening prayer service) & Carlebach style Havdalah

Feb. 17

Motzei Shabbos

Bus Departs to Melava Malka

"Avos Ubanim" - Learning Session #2

Gala Melave Malka Event hosted by Cong. Ner Avrohom

Address and Q & A by Dr. Rich Roberts - Former Chairman and CEO of URL Pharma

Music and Dancing

Featuring Guitarist Moshe Katz - Kumszitz & Dancing

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Bus departs to The "Kosher" Gym

Feb. 18


Shachris (morning prayer service)

Say goodbye to your host & bring luggage with you.

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Bus departs to Lakewood Cheder.

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Breakfast with the CEO’s

Tour of The Lakewood Cheder by Rabbi Yosef Posen - Executive Director of TLC Meet in “Chosson Tisch” room

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Bus leaves Lakewood Cheder

Learning Session #3

Walk to Largest Jewish College in the Country

Message from Rabbi Yeruchom Olshin-Dean of BMG.

Tour of BMG by Rabbi Leibel Karmel

Bus Departs BMG from 7th Street

Farewell Banquet-Grand Siyum Masechet Megillah at Bell Works

Hosted by Mr. Ralph Zucker - CEO of Somerset Development LLC
Guest Speaker: Rabbi Lipa Geldwerth

Buses Depart to the Airport

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Day 08

August 3

To Be Announced

We're still planning something exciting for this day.

Day 09

August 4

To Be Announced

We're still planning something exciting for this day.