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Next Mission: December 26 - 31, 2023

  • Next Mission: December 26 - 31, 2023


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A Regional Shabbaton in Houston, TX
Google Calendar November 10 - 12
A Regional Shabbaton in Toronto, Canada
Google CalendarNovember 24 - 26
Winter Mentors Mission (Location TBD)
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Google Calendar December 26 - 31
The National Shabbaton in Lakewood, NJ.
Students join us from all over the USA and Canada
Google Calendar February 15 - 18

Jewish Professionals Mentors Mission

Jewish Professionals and Secular College Students Unite

Ohr Somayach’s Mentors Mission

What happens when a group of secular Jewish college students spends a week in Israel, together with Orthodox lawyers, financial officers and other professionals?
What happens when every moment of that week is filled with meaning and adventure?
What happens when a college student discovers the beauty of Gemarah - and gets hooked?

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Ohr Somayach Retreat

On this Side of the Atlantic…

The Ohr Somayach Summer Retreat

The Ohr Somayach experience came to the US, with a five-day Summer Retreat in Upstate New York that mirrored the Mentors’ Mission in Israel.
Twenty-eight college students from across the country joined Ohr Somayach rabbis, staff and mentors for a heady mix of Torah study, adventure, business, and camaraderie.

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Torah Meets Law School

Torah Meets Law School

Columbia University Mentor Mates Program

Mr. Shimon Falik has long been connected to Mentors Mission. So it is not surprising that he passed his passion and sense of responsibility for Klal Yisroel to his children. When his son Zevi joined Columbia Law School last year, he realized that he had the ability to engage with his peers, and inspire them.

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Boston Mentors Mission

Bonding in Boston

Boston Jewish Community hosts Mentor Mission

When mentor Sammy Simnegar and his wife Reyna returned from this summer’s Mentors Mission, they wanted to recreate the experience on a local level. Mr. Simnegar’s mission was twofold. First, he wanted to strengthen the connections made on the Mentors Mission, so that students would be able to continue learning.

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Boston Mentors Mission

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