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About Us

About Mentor Missions

In 2007 a small, dedicated group of businessmen who cared deeply for the Jewish people  began a program to learn and tour Israel with unaffiliated Jewish college students. Since then The Mentors Mission has become a movement. It has expanded to include over 1,000 mentors, touched the lives of over 4,200 students with 28 bi-yearly Missions to Israel,and multiple domestic shabbatons, spanning fourteen years and growing.    

We are able to provide our Mentors exposure to the highest caliber of unique programming available anywhere. Some highlights: exclusive entryway to Israel’s Torah luminaries and personal time and attention from Ohr Somayach’s own Rosh Yeshiva and Rabbinical talent, thought provoking Q&A’s, lectures, learning sessions, fine-dining, wineries, tours, exploring, and the ability to reach out and change lives. It is truly a one of a kind experience.

In practice, the Mentors Mission model is completely unique, and it works. The experiential learning of the Talmud allows a student exposure to the Torah-true learning process of give and take, logical deduction, and critical thinking. They climb inside the minds of the Sages as an insider, a member rather than an outsider and a stranger. When you combine that with the Mentorship of successful men in their respective fields, like you, who break down barriers and stereotypes, you are empowering students to change their outlook by demonstrating success at living a Torah lifestyle while balancing a career. When you learn and tour with them, and show them a fun Torah lifestyle in a casual setting, you expose them to the multi faceted diamond that is a true Torah life.

Of course, Ohr Somayach is right there to follow up with your mentees by offering various programs at the end of the Mission for those students immediately interested in immersive learning, or providing them an internship/learning opportunity on the Jinterns program. Many Mentors have headhunted interns for their own ventures from within the program.   For those students interested in keeping the connection stateside, we offer expanding domestic regional Shabbatons and an international staff. Whatever path a student will choose they are in the very best of hands.

Our Mentors all enjoy the continuing programming and the Mentors Monthly newsletter with dynamic content, mentor interviews, and tailored messages from Ohr Somayach Rabbis. Invariably mentors say that they have received much, much more by being a mentor than they could have hoped to have possibly given. hat is why so many will return year after year to their mission. Join us and see what everyone is talking about!

With each passing year, fewer Jews identify with their roots and intermarriage rates continue to rise. When a young person does begin to consider authentic Torah Judaism he is often confronted by an unfamiliar landscape. He and his parents want him to succeed lead a normal life but they may mistakenly think the only way to “make it” is to give that all up. While Rabbis and Kiruv professionals do their best to turn the tide, there is a clear gap in a formal education system which puts a paid professional upon the lectern with a classroom in silent attention. We fill that gap. Mentor Missions pairs students with successful role-models as mentors to make a difference in the lives of unaffiliated Jewish students. By creating lasting relationships through unique and inspiring trips, programs and events. There is no gap between a mentor and mentee and no limits to the impact you can make. Come join the movement. Showcase a Torah lifestyle. Impact Others. Impact Yourself.

Mentors Mission Ambassadors


"The Mentors Mission was an experience that will always be remembered. The zechus to be part of this mission to help those who are searching for their way back home is an opportunity not to be missed."


Chairman of nova appartment
"We are all coming off a week that far surpassed any of our expectations. The ruchnius aspects, coupled with the gashmius, truly made this week a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Our participation as a group further enhanced the kiddush shem shamayim."


"…including the pleasure of learning gemara be'chavrusa, seeing how far they have advanced in understanding gemara."


Mentors may bring their children studying or living in Israel as Guest for the Shabbos Meals for a fee of $100 per person.
All guests are required to be registered in advance to ensure availability.
*Transportation from the airport not included.

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